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Naadia and Lewis Portfolio

As we pulled in to the driveway of Naadia's family home, through the windows we could see the hustle and bustle of people getting organised for the day to come. You could feel the excitement and anticipation in the air!

The same could be said for Lewis's home but slightly more relaxed as they were all tucking into a hearty full English breakfast. Once the last mouthful was consumed it was all go with cufflinks and cravats being passed around.......... and maybe the odd cheeky beer.

The venue for the day was the glorious Rivington Barn set in the most mature and sumptuous gardens along with its beautiful lake and stone bridge. Such a romantic location for this special day.

Soon after the boys arrival, the guests came in thick and fast and before you knew it the barn was full of friends and family being shown to their seats with the volume of excited chatter getting louder by the minute.

Suddenly it was time and as everyone was seated the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen began preceedings no sooner followed by Naadia who paused for a moment allowing guest's the time to take in the amazing dress she was wearing and then continued as her father proudly accompanied her down the isle where a slightly nerve tingled Lewis was waiting.

Once Lewis had taken a quick glimpse of Naadia slowly coming towards him you could see any anxiousness there might of been melt away with the softest of smiles appearing on his face. It was obvious these two were made for each other, a deep bond was clearly evident.

As the vows were exchanged and the rings placed on fingers, everyone looked on with nothing but love, happiness and a lot of smiles and before you knew it, they were man and wife!!!

As everyone left the main hall Naadia and Lewis thanked their guests as they moved to the glass veranda for fizz & bubbles. Soon after a mass of confetti and glitter filled the air with 3 cheers as the happy couple made their way through the human archway, an amazing moment with everybody surrounding them.

The day continued with fun, joy, happiness, smiles, laughter and on into the night with live music and dancing. There were so many stand out moments, far too many to write here but these are the moments and the images that will be treasured forever by this stunning couple.