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Now I've met some calm and controlled people in my time and I can honestly say that Anthony is up there with the best of em! Nothing ruffled his feathers that day, took everything in his stride, his bride to be on the other hand............ A tad emotional to say the least! :-D

I dont think there was a dry handkerchief in the house while the sevice was taking place as all the guests had to give their own hanky's to Nikki because the tears just kept on coming, even while she was laughing!!!

Joking aside, nothing could detract from the day which was all taking place at the historic Whitehall Hotel in Darwen. Even the weather behaved itself which was a relief as the rain had been non stop for nearly a week.


The ceremony took place in the newly built extension with a romantic and fresh atmosphere and once the vows were complete it was time for Nikki & Anthony to relax with a fantastic wedding breakfast.

I would just like to say a big thank you to Nikki and Anthony who treated us like one of the family by including us in the seating plan, feeding us as well as a lottery ticket and a butterfly emblem representing the charity that Nikki had donated to on all the guests behalf. Such a lovely thing to do, we were very touched.

The speeches were hilarious and Dave, Anthony's best man, had everyone in stitches with his revealing stories about Anthony's early years shannanighans as well as a few more recent ones too and then we went outside for a little event Nikki had organised.


The theme of the wedding was based on the Butterfly as this had special meaning to Nikki and Anthony so unbeknown to Anthony, Nikki had arranged a poem reading while 20-30 small mysterious boxes where handed to each guest and when prompted, everyone opened and released 3 different varieties of butterfly into the sky. A very special and poinient part of an incredible day.

It wasn't long before the evening guests began to arrive and the music bagan to play.

As Antony and Nikki embraced for the first dance the lights dimmed and they were surrounded and celebrated by the people they love. Who could ask for more.

A wonderful day for truly wonderful people and we were proud to be a part of it, thank you x