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The day started with the sun cracking through the clouds and we were greeted by a big smile and a cheerful 'helloooo' at Vicky's house.

All the bridesmaids had arrived and pre wedding preperations were well on the way so it wasn't long before the Prosseco was opened and slowely but surely the excitement began to kick in.

Ben and family, as well as travelling guests, took over the Shard Riverside Hotel which was a perfect choice for the boys to get ready along with plenty of space for the children to stretch their legs and keep out of mischief.

It was time to make tracks so everyone began the journey to the church in Singleton and at this point you would expect some signs of nerves kicking in but no, Ben just took it all in his stride and not a frown or any sign of worry in sight.

The same can be said about Vicky too. As the door opened on the Rolls Royce and Vicky stepped out in front of the beautiful Singleton Church, she was greeted by little Daniel who ran up to her and gave Vicky the biggest hug ever. A lovely moment.

The service was beautiful and touching with the sun streaming into the church setting the scene for the rest of the afternoon.

Its official, they were now husband and wife.

On arrival to Singleton Lodge Vicky and Ben were presented with champagne and led inside to view the various rooms which were dressed just how Vicky had intended it to be. The thumbs up were given and it was finally a chance for the happy couple to relax and mingle.

After a little while the guests were called in and the speeches began with some very funny stories and red faces but nothing too detremental to Ben's relief. Then it was time for some fantastic food & drink as the Wedding Breakfast was served and everybody tucked in.

As the evening approached, guests began to arrive and Vicky & Ben were announced in to the main room where the cutting of the cake was to take place..... which it did, complete with Red Nose Day foam noses on every guest, nice one :-D

The room was awash with Lasers, flashing lights and sparkles as Vicky and Ben embraced for the first dance with all of their loved ones around them.

A true summertime wedding filled with joy and happiness, congratulations from us here at Bakers Lodge x